Our Story

Fabled Brew Works began as a group of friends with a passion for beer, mead, and the extraordinary.

Drinking a beer is more than simply consuming a beverage.  It's an opportunity to share with family... a chance to trade tales with a friends... a vessel to toast an accomplishment at the end of an epic journey. In fact, a beer can be quite many things, and that's what makes it so special.

At Fabled Brew Works, this is what originally drew us to beer and ignited our passion.  We met regularly to try unique beers from breweries across the country and throughout the world.  But we shared so much more than drinks.  We shared our lives, our hobbies, and our stories... along with, of course, our appreciation for a well made beer.

As the craft brewing industry expanded, so did our enthusiasm.  Beers, meads, brewing events, and festivals - they became a catalyst to so many of our adventures and enriched our lives with so much joy.  Not only did we get to experience thousands of unique beers and learn so much about them, but we gained so many friendships and amazing memories along the way.

Fabled Brew Works is our way of sharing this all with you.  We strive to provide the highest quality beer and mead while harnessing the vastness of the imagination for a unique and memorable experience.  We see each brew as a miniature expedition - an opportunity to tell a unique story.  If we do our job well, we hope that our brewery can help you forge your own epic tales as well.

It's time for an adventure.

The Fabled Brew Works Founders Club

These are the friends and family members who stood with us in the beginning - back when Fabled Brew Works was still writing chapter one. We cannot emphasize enough how much that support means to us.

Members: Kelsey and Brian Bober, Aprill Courtney, Rob Courtney, Mike Faretta, Jeff Hildebrandt, Hailey and Kris Gould, Cindy and Gregg Howell, Jenny Howell, Katie and Bumki Kim, Doug Lippert, Monica and Brian McNalley, Linda and Michael Peitz, Beth and Bob Pohlabeln, Jamie Schaber and Jon Schrage, Tim Spitzmueller, Donna and Bernie Wessels, Matt Wright

Meet Our Team

The party collaborating to compose the saga of Fabled Brew Works

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Aaron, Jon, Kent, Mike
Owners, Adventuring Party

Living the dream. It's questionable.

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