Do you sell any beer to go or offer any shipping?

We make crowlers (32 ounces) of most of our beer, but some of our limited releases will not be available.
Prepackaged cans or bottles may be available occasionally if we have a special release, and some meads are usually available in bottles.
We do not offer any sort of shipping at this time, although mead may eventually be available on vinoshipper.

Do you sell food?

We have food trucks scheduled every day for lunch and dinner.
In addition, we have a few small snacks available for purchase at the bar.
Guests are also welcome to bring their own food to the taproom.

Where can I purchase your beer?

Our beer is generally only available in the Fabled Brew Works taproom. We do not currently distribute.

Do you have parking at the taproom?

Yes! We have a large parking lot with plenty of parking available.

Do you have any outdoor seating?

Yes! We have a patio that can accommodate roughly 40 people. The patio is now covered with a roof that can open or close depending on the weather.

May I bring my children to the taproom?

Fabled Brew Works seeks to provide a family friendly environment where children are welcome. However, please realize that we are a brewery and children should be closely supervised for everyone's safety. Also, please be aware that our décor could be frightening to some or exciting to others. We ask that your children refrain from playing with the scenery, as it was only built to be decorative.

May I bring my dog to the taproom?

Dogs are welcome on our outdoor patio as long as we do not run into any issues!
This means it's up to you and your doggos to be well-behaved and respectful to others.
We have some grass along the sides of the building and plenty of space to go for a walk, but please clean up after your dogs and keep them under control.
Due to health regulations, dogs are not permitted in the indoor portion of the taproom.

Can I book a private event?

We would love to accommodate private events for interested parties. However, as of now, we are scheduling all private events outside of our standard business hours. Please contact us with any inquiries, and we will do our best to find a solution.

Can I hold public events here such as yoga, painting, or table-top gaming?

This is a tricky question because our space is relatively limited in the taproom and we aren't sure yet what our traffic patterns will look like. We are open to different events and activities, but the beer and mead remain our primary focus. We would like to accommodate different activities and interests, but we do not want to do so at the expense of our daily customers. Please contact us with any concerns or questions.